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Carbon Alloy C45 Material | Alloy carbon steel

Alloy of carbon | C45 material equivalent : Medium carbon steel, or C45, is frequently employed in a range of industrial settings. It is a well-liked option for producing parts including bolts, studs, axles, shafts, gears, and more. Let us dissect the properties and makeup of C45. Carbon (C): C45 carbon steel material is categorized as having a medium carbon…

C45 Flame Cut Plate

C45 FLAME CUT PLATE : C45 steel plates that have been cut using the thermal cutting technique known as flame cutting are referred to as C45 flame cut plates. Flame cutting is a typical method for shaping and cutting several types of steel, including C45, which is a form of carbon steel. In order to create a high-temperature flame, a…

Cold cutting C45 plate

Cold cutting C45 plate : The term “cold cutting C45 plate” describes a method of cutting C45 steel plates without the application of heat. When cutting carbon steel, such as C45, using conventional techniques like flame cutting or thermal cutting, a lot of heat can be produced. This heat can modify the characteristics of the material and even cause deformation….


C45 EQUIVALENT GRADES AND PROPERTIES: There are equivalent grades of C45 steel under many international standards, and each has a unique set of characteristics. Here are some equivalent grades that are frequently used along with the associated properties: Comparable Grades:The corresponding grade according to the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) standard is 1045. Its mechanical characteristics and chemical make-up…

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