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C45 Alloy Carbon Steel in Delhi

C45 Alloy Carbon Steel in Delhi

C45 Alloy Carbon Steel in Delhi :

C45 steel, also known as 1.0503 or C45E, is a versatile carbon steel grade that can be shaped into various forms and profiles to meet specific application requirements. Here are some common shapes and forms of C45 steel:

  1. Round Bars: C45 steel is often supplied in the form of round bars. These bars have a cylindrical shape and are used in applications such as shafts, axles, bolts, and general engineering components.
  2. Flat Bars: C45 steel can be shaped into flat bars, which have a rectangular cross-section. Flat bars are commonly used in construction, machine parts, and general fabrication.
  3. Plates: C45 steel plates are flat, rectangular-shaped sheets of C45 steel. These plates are used in various structural and industrial applications, including machinery components, automotive parts, and tooling.
  4. Sheets: C45 steel sheets are thin, flat sections of C45 steel. They are often used in applications requiring thinner gauge material, such as automotive body panels, enclosures, and decorative elements.
  5. Blocks: C45 steel blocks are solid, rectangular pieces of C45 steel. These blocks can be machined or further processed to create customized components, tooling, or machine parts.
  6. Forgings: C45 steel can be forged into complex shapes and profiles. Forgings provide superior strength and are commonly used in applications requiring high load-bearing capacity, such as crankshafts, gears, and heavy machinery components.
  7. Tubes/Pipes: C45 steel can be used to manufacture tubes or pipes, which are hollow cylindrical structures. These tubes or pipes are used in applications such as structural frameworks, hydraulic systems, and transportation of fluids.

We as an ALLOY CARBON STEEL is a hardcore distributor and supplier of all forms of carbon steel products on Pan india and these shapes and forms may vary depending on the specific requirements, manufacturing capabilities, and supplier offerings. It’s recommended to consult with us to determine the availability of the desired C45 steel shapes for your particular applications.

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