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C45 Hardness In HRC

C45 Hardness In HRC

C45 Hardness In HRC :

To attain the appropriate hardness and mechanical qualities, C45 steel can be toughened by heat treatment procedures such quenching and tempering. Here is a broad description of the C45 steel heat treatment procedure:

Annealing : Annealing is done to get a homogenous microstructure, reduce internal tensions, and improve machinability. The steel is heated in the furnace to a temperature of around 800-850°C (1472-1562°F).

Hardening: The C45 steel is heated to a temperature of roughly 820–860°C (1508–1580°F) and then hardened (quenched) in water or oil. The steel is rapidly cooled during quenching, which results in martensite production and the necessary hardness.

Tempering: Following quenching, the hardened steel must be reheated to a certain temperature below its critical point and held there for a predetermined amount of time. This process is known as tempering. This procedure helps the hardened steel become less brittle and increases its toughness and strength while preserving the proper hardness. Depending on the intended qualities, tempering temperatures and times might vary, but they commonly fall between 400 and 600 °C (752 and 1112 °F).

The exact heat treatment parameters, such as the quenching medium, tempering temperature, and duration, will determine the hardness attained after heat treatment, among other things. After heat treatment, the typical hardness range for C45 steel is in the 55–60 HRC.

It is significant to note that the specific specifications, standards, and equipment employed may have an impact on the heat treatment procedure and the hardness that is obtained. Therefore, for accurate information and to guarantee the appropriate qualities are attained for your particular application, it is always advised to study the pertinent standards, technical specifications, or seek the advice of a metallurgical expert.

Heat Treatment of C45 :

  • Normalizing:  840 – 900°C,Cooling in air
  • Soft Annealing:680 – 710°C,Cooling in furnace
  • Stress relieve:550-650°C,Cooling in air
  • Oil Quenching:840 – 870°C
  • Water Quenching:820 – 850°C
  • Tempering:540 – 680°C,Cooling in air
  • Induction or Flame hardening:870-900°C

Application of C45:

Many industries that demand greater strength, hardness, and wear resistance use C45 extensively.Tools, shafts, nuts, bolts, connecting rods, screws, rollers, axles, spindles, studs, knives, and numerous automotive and general engineering components are examples of typical applications.

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