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C45 Carbon Steel Plate Supplier in Delhi

C45 Carbon Steel Plate Supplier in Delhi

Introduction to C45 Carbon Steel Plate

C45 Carbon Steel Plate Supplier in Delhi: C45 carbon steel plates are a popular choice in engineering and industrial applications due to their blend of strength, hardness, and ductility. This grade belongs to the medium carbon steel category, characterized by carbon in the range of 0.42% to 0.50%, which contributes to its increase strength properties.

The chemical composition also includes manganese (Mn) at around 1.0%, silicon (Si) up to 0.4%, and trace amounts of sulfur (S) and phosphorus (P), as per standard specifications.

Key Properties and Features of C45 Carbon Steel Plates:

  • Mechanical Properties: C45 carbon steel is characterized by its material carbon content, typically ranging from 0.42% to 0.50%, conduct by manganese levels between 0.50% and 0.80%. This composition imparts significant hardness and strength while maintaining an enough level of ductility. Silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur are present in smaller quantities, contributing to the steel’s overall characteristics without majorly influencing its performance.  The mechanical properties of C45 carbon steel are notable. It exhibits a tensile strength of approximately 600-700 MPa and a yield strength around 300-350 MPa. This combination ensures that the steel can withstand significant stress without permanent deformation. Its hardness ranges from 170 to 210 HB on the Brinell scale, making it resilient to wear and tear. Moreover, with an stretching rate of 16-18%, C45 steel display a reasonable degree of ductility, allowing it to absorb energy during deformation before fracturing.
  • Heat Treatment: C45 carbon steel plate can be heat treated to improve their properties. Processes like quenching and tempering enhance toughness and strength, while normalization helps to improve the grain structure, making the material more uniform and improving ductility. The resourceful of C45 carbon steel is significantly enhanced through various heat treatment processes. Normalize involves heating the steel to 800-850°C followed by slow cooling, which softens the material and improves its ductility. Hardening, achieved by heating the steel to 820-860°C and then quenching it in oil or water increases its hardness and strength. Tempering, performed after hardening, involves heating the steel to 550-660°C and then cooling it in air. This process relieves internal stresses and reduces brittleness while retaining the improved hardness.
  • Application Areas: C45 carbon steel plate finds large use across a broad spectrum of industries due to its balanced mechanical properties and heat curable. In the mechanical and automotive sectors, it is employed in the manufacture of gears, shafts, axles, spindles, and bolts. These components benefit from the steel’s strength and wear resistance. The building industry utilizes C45 steel for structural parts of machinery and equipment, where durability and moderate toughness are crucial. Additionally, the material’s hardness makes it suitable for tools and dies, which require high wear resistance and the ability to withstand repetitive stress.
  • Processing and Machinability : Despite being a medium carbon steel, C45 has reasonable ductility, which allows it to be formed, machined, and welded with standard techniques, although preheating might be required for larger sections to avoid cracking during welding.

List of C45 Carbon Steel Plate

            MaterialThicknessWidth     Length                                                               Make
C45101250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45121250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45161250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45201250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45251250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45301250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45321250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45361250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45401250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45451250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45501250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45561250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45631250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45651250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45701250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45801250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C45901250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451001250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451101250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451201250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451251250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451301250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451401250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451501250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451601250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451701250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451801250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C451901250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452001250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452101250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452201250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452301250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452401250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452501250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal
C452601250/1500/2000mm6300mmjindal / arcelormittal


The primary advantage of C45 carbon steel plate lies in its balanced composition, which provides a compromise between strength, hardness, and ductility. This balance makes it a versatile material that can be tailored to specific applications through appropriate heat treatments.

Its good ductility further enhances its appeal, as it can be shaped and formed into compound parts with relative ease. Moreover, the worldwide availability and cost-effectiveness of C45 steel make it a preferred choice in various manufacturing processes.


In conclusion, C45 carbon steel plate is a material of outstanding importance in the engineering and manufacturing sectors. Its medium carbon content provides a unique balance of strength, hardness, and ductility, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The material’s properties can be further enhanced through various heat treatment processes, increasing its versatility. While it has limitations in terms of combining and corrosion resistance, the advantages of C45 carbon steel in terms of machinability, availability, and cost-effectiveness ensure its continued significance and utility in industrial applications.

As such, C45 carbon steel remains a vital material, integral to the production of durable and resilient mechanical components.

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