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EN19 Alloy Steel Suppliers In Delhi

EN19 Alloy Steel Suppliers In Delhi

EN19 Alloy Steel Suppliers In Delhi NCR

EN19 Alloy Steel Suppliers In Delhi – High tensile strength and hardness are characteristics of EN19 materials. It is classified as alloy steel in the steel grades. Machine parts such as gears, nuts, bolts, structural materials, angles, channels, round bars, hex bars, and so on are made of EN19 alloy steel. In EN19T state, EN19 has an extremely high tensile strength.

EN19 ready stock available in diameters ranging from 20 to 450 mm. more than 20 years of experience in EN19 round bar supply. We are among the most reputable producers and exporters of alloy steel bars with EN19 grade. EN19 can be treated using heat treatment techniques as quenching, tempering, and normalising. Numerous characteristics are examined for the EN19 material, including impact, mechanical, chemical analysis, bending, and other tests. Steel goods are made from heat-treated EN19 sheets and plates because of their exceptional tensile strength. EN19 sheets and plates, billets, forged blocks, bright bars, flat bars, square bars, hex bars, round bars, forged bars, hot rolled bars, and cold forged bars are all supplied by us.

When it comes to EN19 steel, Alloy Carbon Steel is the leading provider. Purchase high-quality EN-19 sheets and round bars from us; they are delivered with a material test certificate and undergo numerous tests to ensure total quality control. 

The following is a list of EN19 mechanical qualities and chemical composition:

Chemical Composition of EN19

The carbon content of EN19 falls between 0.35-0.45%. Manganese concentration ranges from 0.50 to 0.80%. The high amount of carbon, manganese, and chromium in EN19 material accounts for its great hardness. The steel is classified as chrome-moly low alloy steel. When opposed to EN24 steel, EN19 alloy steel contains no nickel. There is a Mo Content of 0.20-0.40 in the material. P and S are limited to a maximum of 0.05%. Steel can be harmed by excess P and S content, which can lead to low-stress force failure.

Element % Composition

  1. C%:   0.35-0.45
  2. Mn%: 0.50-0.80 
  3. Si%:   0.10-0.35 
  4. Cr%:  0.90-1.50 
  5. Ni%:      –
  6. Mo%: 0.20-0.40 
  7. S%:    0.05 max
  8. P%:    0.05 max

EN19 Mechanical Characteristics

High tensile strength, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance are among the mechanical qualities of EN19. Additionally, EN19 is well-machinable when annealed. EN19 round bars undergo annealing, quenching, hardening, normalising, tempering, and other heat treatments. The EN 19 alloy steel’s mechanical characteristics can change with heat treatments. Numerous characteristics are examined for the EN19 material, including impact, mechanical, chemical analysis, bending, and other tests. Steel goods are made with heat-treated EN19 round bars because of their exceptional tensile strength. 

Property & Value

  1. Strain Resistance: 700–1000 MPa
  2. Hardness range:   220-330 HB
  3. Elongation:  13% 

Heat Treatments for EN19: 

  • Hot rolling or forging
  • Establishing Normalcy
  • Annealing gently 
  • Hardening of the core
  • Stage-two annealing
  • Hardening of cases
  • Adjusting
  • Carburization

What is Steel Alloy EN-19?

Steel that is graded as alloy steel is EN19. High corrosion resistance is one among EN19’s characteristics. EN19 can be used to make machinery because of its great toughness. EN19 round bars, sheets, plates, forged bars, bright bars, flat bars, billets, and other products are supplied by Alloy Steel Carbon. Products for EN19 are readily available.

In the steel business, EN19 is one of the most well-known grades, and Alloy Steel Carbon is one of the biggest and most dependable suppliers of EN19 Alloy Steel Round Bars. The density of EN19 is high, making it about three times heavier than aluminum. Because EN19 is made by cold forging, it has a very shiny surface when metal is brilliant.

High tensile strength is provided by EN19 in T state, which makes it suitable for structural use. 

Product Name & Size of Round Bars

  1. EN19 Round Hot Rolled Bars – 16mm dia to 250mm dia 
  2. EN19 Round Bars, Cold Rolled and Cold Drawn – 3mm dia to 100mm dia  
  3. Peeled Round Bars, EN-19  – 3mm dia to 65mm dia 
  4. Ground Round Bars, EN-19  – 3mm dia to 65mm dia
  5. Polished Round Bars EN-19   –  3mm dia to 65mm dia 
  6. EN19 Round Bars with Turns  –  10mm dia to 1200mm dia
  7. EN19 Forged Bars  –  200 mm dia to 1500mm dia  
  8. Proof Machine Bars EN19 –   30mm dia to 1500mm dia

Product Name & Size of Square Bars

  1. Square Bars, Hot Rolled EN-19   –  10mm Square to 200mm Square
  2. Square Bars, Cold Drawn EN-19  –  10mm Square to 80mm Square
  3. Peeled Square Bars, EN-19  –   5mm Square to 80mm Square
  4. Ground Square Bars EN19   –  5mm Square to 80mm Square
  5. Polished Square Bars EN19  –   5mm Square to 50mm Square
  6. Forged Square Bars EN-19  –  30mm Square to 1500mm Square
  7. Proof Machine Bars EN19  –  30mm Square to 1500mm Square

Applications for EN19

Due to its high tensile strength, EN19 material finds application in a variety of industries, including the chemical, oil & gas, automotive, aviation, defence, and electric power sectors. Because of its high hardness and machinability, this alloy steel is used to make arms, rollers, crankshafts, nuts and bolts, and other items.

The material can undergo heat treatment procedures such as annealing, tempering, normalisation, etc. to improve its mechanical qualities. 

EN19 Alloy Steel FAQ

What distinguishes EN19 Steel from EN24 Steel?

EN24 steel contains one more element—nickel—than EN19 steel. Because of the chemical makeup of EN24 Steel, high temperature heat treatment of EN24 is feasible.

Additionally, we supply EN19 alloy steel to the following areas:

Uttar Pradesh:

Kanpur, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Agra, Meerut, Varanasi, Prayagraj, Bareilly, Aligarh, Moradabad, Saharanpur, Gorakhpur, Noida, greater Noida, udham  nagar, Firozabad, Jhansi, Muzaffarnagar, Mathura, Ayodhya, Rampur, Shahjahanpur, Farrukhabad Fategarh, Budaun,  Maunath,Bhanjan, Hapur, Etawah, Mirzapur, Vindhyachal, Bulandshahr, Sambhal, Amroha, Hardoi, Fatehpur, Raebareli, Orai, Sitapur, Bahraich, Modinagar,Unnao, Jaunpur, Lakhimpur, Hathras, Banda, Pilibhit, Barabanki, Khurja, Gonda, Mainpuri, Lalitpur, Etah, Deoria, Badaun, Ghazipur, Sultanpur, Azamgarh, Bijnor, Sahaswan, Basti, Chandausi, Akbarpur, Ballia, Tanda, Shikohabad, Shamli, Awagarh, Kasganj.


Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota ,Bikaner, Bhiwadi, Ajmer ,Udaipur ,Bhilwara ,Alwar ,Bharatpur, bharan ,Sri Ganganagar ,Sikar ,Pali ,Tonk ,Kishangarh ,Beawar ,Hanumangarh ,Dhaulpur ,Gangapur City, SawaiMadhopur ,Churu ,Jhunjhunu ,Baran ,Chittaurgarh ,Makrana ,Nagaur ,Banswara ,Dungarpur, pratapgarh.


Faridabad (New Township) ,Gurgaon , Panipat, Yamunanagar, Rohtak, Hisar, Karnal, Sonipat, Panchkula (Urban Estate), Ambala Sadar, Bhiwani, Ambala, Sirsa, Bahadurgarh, Jind, Thanesar, Kaithal, Rewari, Palwal, Hansi, Narnaul, Fatehabad, Gohana, Tohana, Narwana.

Other Region: Tamil Nadu, Chennai, Pune, Maharashtra, Nagpur, Bangalore, West-Bengal, Kanya-kumari, Odhissa

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