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Heavy Duty Forged Round Supplier in Delhi EN8/C45/EN9/C55

Heavy Duty Forged Round Supplier in Delhi EN8/C45/EN9/C55

Finding a consistent heavy-duty forged round supplier in Delhi is crucial for industries requiring robust and durable materials for their operations. More than a few decent suppliers in the region offer high-quality forged products that meet various industrial standards.

When seeking a heavy-duty forged round supplier in Delhi, company Alloy carbon steel stand out for their quality products and reliable services. Alloy carbon steel offer custom solutions, quick delivery times, and adherence to high-quality standards, ensuring you get the best materials for your industrial applications.

Alloy carbon steel is a leading supplier in Delhi, known for its wide range of heavy-duty forged products, including EN8, C45, EN9, and C55 steel rounds. They offer products customized to meet specific industrial requirements, ensuring high quality and accuracy.


EN8 steel, also known as 080M40, is a medium carbon steel that offers outstanding tensile strength and toughness. It is broadly used in various industrial applications due to its sturdy properties, which make it suitable for components that require both strength and hardness.

  • Properties: EN8 has a tensile strength of around 620-850 MPa, making it suitable for applications where reasonable strength is needed. It can be flame or induction hardened to enhance surface hardness while maintaining a tough core.
  • Applications: Common uses include shafts, gears, bolts, studs, and stressed pins. Its machinability and wear resistance make it ideal for manufacturing components subjected to mechanical stress.
  • Advantages: EN8 steel’s ability to be heat treated allows for enhanced mechanical properties, making it versatile for various engineering applications.


C45 steel, also known as AISI 1045 or DIN 1.1191, is a high-quality medium carbon steel. It is widely used in various industrial applications due to its outstanding strength, solidity, and machinability.

  • Properties: C45 offers higher strength and hardness compared to low carbon mild steel. Its tensile strength ranges from 570-700 MPa. The steel can be heat treated to improve its mechanical properties, making it suitable for sturdy applications.
  • Applications: It is commonly used in the automotive industry for making parts like gears, shafts, axles, and bolts. C45’s high machinability also makes it a ideal choice for parts requiring precision and sturdiness.
  • Advantages: The steel’s ability to endure heat treatment provides major advantages in terms of mechanical performance, making it a reliable material for parts that experience high stress and wear.


EN9 steel, also known as 070M55, is a high-carbon steel that offers superior stability and strength. It is widely used in the manufacturing of many machine components due to its excellent mechanical properties and versatility.

  • Properties: EN9 has a tensile strength of approximately 600-850 MPa. It is characterized by its capacity to be induction hardened to achieve a tough core with a hard surface.
  • Applications: This steel is used for manufacturing machine parts like shafts, gears, sprockets, and keys. Its high hardness makes it suitable for components that need to resist wear and tear.
  • Advantages: The steel’s high carbon content allows it to achieve a high degree of hardness while retaining plenty toughness. This balance makes it ideal for high-stress applications where both wear resistance and strength are required.


C55 steel is a medium carbon steel known for its high strength and solidity. It is commonly used in applications that need a durable and hard material.

  • Properties: C55 offers a tensile strength ranging from 650-850 MPa. It can be heat treated to further enhance its mechanical properties, making it suitable for producing heavy-duty mechanism.
  • Applications: The steel is used for manufacture parts like hammers, forging tools, and agricultural implements. Its durability and resistance to wear make it an excellent choice for tools and mechanism subjected to heavy use.
  • Advantages: C55’s ability to be hardened makes it a versatile material for a variety of applications where both strength and hardness are paramount.

Alloy carbon steel in Mundka, Delhi, offers a variety of high-quality raw materials like Plastic Mould Steel, Carbon Steel, Die Steel, High Speed Steel, and Alloy Carbon Steel. They specialize in providing top-notch materials for manufacturing and engineering purposes. With a large inventory, they ensure clients get reliable and durable materials, making them a trusted supplier in the region for steel and iron supplies.

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C-45 plates and En8 plates are a lot considered equal in terms of their mechanical properties, but there are some differences between them.

The cost of C45 material is 75 per KG in Delhi.

EN9 steel show better surface hardness, strength, and wear resistance compared to EN8 steel following heat treatment. This improved performance makes EN9 steel particularly suitable for applications requiring greater durability and resistance to wear and scratch.

C45 Cold Rolled Plates derive their strength and wear resistance from their high carbon content, which also grants them increased protection against rust and corrosion.

C45 steel is well-known for its amazing tensile strength, making it ideal for components such as gears, shafts, and axles that endure significant forces. This quality ensures durability and reliability, important for maintaining optimal long-term performance in demanding applications.

To get minimal surface roughness, the suggested cutting parameters are 100 m/min cutting speed, 0.18 mm/rev feed rate, and 0.150 mm depth of cut. Otherwise, for minimizing tool wear, use 80 m/min cutting speed, 0.18 mm/rev feed rate, and 0.150 mm depth of cut.

EN8 can be hardened by quenching and tempering on limited sections, and also can be flame or induction hardened to produce a good surface hardness(50-55HRC) with sensible wear resistance.

EN stands for European Norm, and EN8 refers to medium carbon steel usually provided in its untreated state.

C45 stand for compressive strength of concrete.

C45 is a medium carbon steel commonly used in mechanical engineering and for manufacturing automotive components.

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